One of my earliest memories is going over to my grandfathers packaging plant in Phoenix and stealing sugar cubes from the coffee station he had in the backroom.  It was one of those great sneaky joys my brother and I used to love doing and it drove my mother mildly insane.  When we weren’t at my grandfather’s company, we were at Sugar and Spice, the craft store that my mother and aunt owned and ran.  As we got older and were able to hold a paint brush with some semblance of normalcy, we would take tole painting classes at my grandmother’s shop.  I still love the smell of fresh cut wood and it always reminds me of the Saturday afternoons spent with my grandma taking classes and painting pigs.

To say that I come from a family of entrepreneurs would be the understatement of the century.  My parents owned their own company and worked out of the house and instead of giving us allowance as kids, we had to work.  I remember being 11 years old, making $2.25 an hour making photo copies of the faxes that would come in and filing orders.  By the time I was 14, I had my own private labeled cosmetic line that I would sell to friends at school and to the Drama department for their plays.  When I was 17, I started my own shipping company and drop shipped oil lubricants and fuel additives for a company out of Georgia, before I headed off to school.  (Thank God for late starts back in the day!)

After I got married and started a family, the entrepreneurial fire dimmed a bit until I hit my 30’s and then it went crazy all over again.  I became a business organization expert, had my own company consulting with small business owners on how to streamline their systems and organize their processes. I started a podcast and was invited to co-host the Taking Care of Business radio show in Phoenix, was speaking publicly and loving every minute of it!  I was even voted Top 10 Most Influential Women in Arizona by Dodge in 2007.  Fast forward to 2014 where I was living in a new state, new home and a new life.

While my husband was running his DJ and AV business, I was sitting around doing nothing except making tons of cards.  What else was I to do in a small town in Northern New Mexico?

Start a rubber stamp company, of course!

From 2014 until 2017, with the help of my amazing design team, husband and darling mother, we took my little hobby business into a crazy thriving rubber stamp company that can be found in the US, UK, Canada and India.  In order to keep her thriving, we sold So Suzy Stamps so she could continue to grow and flourish at the hands of John and Vicky Briggs.  You can read about our journey here.

Not one to be idle and with the passion of entrepreneurship in my blood, we are continuing on with our dream of helping others create a business out of the hobby they love!

I understand first hand, how hard it can be to start a company.  You’re the boss, the head honcho and you are typically alone.  There is no one holding you accountable, it’s easy to become discouraged, to lose hope and focus.  It’s not fun, it’s not easy, but when you have someone who understands what you are going through and has been there, it makes it so much easier to overcome the frustrations.

Essentially, our goal is to help bring you the ideas, tools, inspiration and focus to create a business in the Creative Industry.  From selling your cards to being on a Design Team, starting your own company, creating classes in your area or anything that allows you to make money while you create.

With a background in business, our insight into the craft industry allows us to bring you the information you need to create, grow and succeed in the business you WANT.

Plus, it allows me to share all of this information that is rattling around in my head.  I hope you join me in our new adventure. It’s nice to have smiling faces and friends around you.  We have been through a lot together and I couldn’t imagine doing this without all of you.

Thank you for all of your love and support!