I call Suzanne whenever I need to talk about my creative endeavors. I know that she would be honest, truly concerned and full of ideas to help guide my thoughts and fears. This day back in September 2016 was no different.  When I called Suzanne and explain to her what happened to me earlier in the day, she was fired up. Immediately, she gave me an assignment to gather my thoughts. The assignment consisted of 10 questions that required me to be totally honest with myself.  By the time I was done, Suzanne dug deep into each answer which cause us come up with my new creative endeavor, Kreative Kymona Approved!  I truly appreciate Suzy listening ear and her get to work attitude. She taught me how to turn a bad situation into a great one by using what I have and going after it!

-Kymona Tracey

Thank You to Suzanne Moore and SoSuzySessions.  She and her team (Justine Hovey and Kymona Tracey) of the SoSuzySessions class on “How To Be On a Design Team” have done so much for myself and others who were in the first class.  Because of Suzanne and this class I now have this blog and Instagram going, and am developing into other areas of social media.  The information presented, and the support we were given has increased my confidence tremendously.  The class has also improved my card making , my photography and presentation so much.  All of the SoSuzySessions are well worth the investment and will help you with development in marketing yourself and your handmade products

-Mary Kay Werry

I had the opportunity to enroll in two online classes provided by So Suzy Stamps.  The classes I enrolled in was the Social Media Must Haves for Cardmakers and How To Be on A Design Team. What I love about So Suzy’s online courses she’s very informative and gives you tons of advice and feedback.  I really love the homework aspect because it really made you think about what your trying to accomplish.  She has a wealth of knowledge on how to make your mark in the paper crafting industry and the beauty of it all she really want’s to share it with you to help you a  success as well. I feel like even after the courses are over your still part of her family. She’s right there to give advice even if it doesn’t relate to class material. I highly recommend these classes especially if you want to build your Social Media presence and How to Be on A Design Team.

-Felicita Johnson

Suzanne’s abilities go far beyond organization. She will transform your company. Her systems and recommendations will have a long term affect on your efficiency and profitability.

-Stuart Preston

Suzanne came into my office and worked with me and my colleague to get our space functioning like a well oiled machine. Suzanne gave me great ideas & tips to stay on track after her visits ended and it has become habit!

-Andrea Lupo

When I started on Suzanne’s design team, her interaction immediately made me realize I was a part of something special. Her encouragement of my artwork and her knowledge of the creative industry helped me to grow into the designer I am today. Whether through brainstorming sessions, inspiring words or shout-outs, Suzanne always enabled me to believe in myself and grow to new limits. Now with the addition of So Suzy Sessions and podcasts she continues to spread her expertise internationally. Her snark, humor and wit make every interaction enjoyable, full of laughs and makes learning fun.

-Justine Hovey

I cannot tell you how valuable the SoSuzy Sessions are to a person in the crafting industry! Let me tell you I wouldn’t have started a blog without the class on Social Media. Also, because of what she taught in that class, I have already had one of my cards featured on a mass email from Stampnation website for the Foundations Box Catherine Pooler created. Suzanne Moore really walks you through step-by-step in her “Social Media” or “How to Be on a Design Team” – both classes I highly recommend! Suzanne has a brand new class “How to Price, Market and Sell Your Hand-made Cards”. I have already signed up!

-Sarah Hines-Klatka