It has been a wild and crazy month and a half in the world of Suzanne.  I have sold my business, grew our podcast community and gained a few new partners in the process. (More on that tomorrow)  Honestly, I thought for sure I was going to be able to take a couple of weeks to relax, enjoy a few books out on the patio, maybe go on a fun little vacation, but life has a way of throwing curve balls when you least expect it.  For the last 3 years, I have been “So Suzy”, So Suzy Stamps, So Suzy Podcast and So Suzy Sessions.  It truly has been So Suzy.  With the sale of So Suzy Stamps, I was left in a weird limbo.

Where Do I Go From Here?

Who am I?  What do I do?  What should I call my blog, who am I on Instagram, what business name do I put on my membership renewal for AFCI?  Talk about an identity crisis.  Not that I don’t fully understand that I am “me”, but where do I go from here?  In a rush to have a home in social media land, I created the All About Suzy persona with the help from my eCommerce MasterPlan Group.  I still had So Suzy Podcast and So Suzy Sessions so the “All About Suzy” place holder seemed to make sense.  Until it didn’t.

It was confusing for myself and to the people I was building new business relationships with.  Where do they find me?  How do they follow the So Suzy Podcast?  Where are the classes again?  Let’s face it, my focus was non-existent.  I was flying in too many directions and if I couldn’t keep track of it, how could my followers?  What message was I sending?  Then it hit me, this isn’t about the message I AM sending, the question I need to answer is what message do I WANT to send.   It was high time I found MY FOCUS.

Time to Find My Focus

It was during the writing of our Find Your Mojo podcast that I realized it was time I went for a drive to clear the clutter from my mind and get away from the distractions.  As I was cruising down the bleak and dismal 491 highway, I kept asking myself key questions:

  • What are my focus words?
  • What feeling do I want to exude?
  • What benefit am I offering?
  • Who is my focus?
  • What do I want to do?
  • Where do I want to do it at?
  • How do I want to deliver my message or services?

I knew I wanted to help other people create a business for themselves in the creative industry.  By business, it could be anything from being on a Design Team, selling cards, becoming an influencer, teaching classes, starting their own business, growing their current company, expanding their services or getting one ready to sell.  I was fortunate enough to have been surrounded by amazing mentors during my entrepreneurial journey and I wanted to give back.  I have learned so much and it would be a waste to keep it all to myself.  The best way to repay the support I received from so many is to pay it forward.

  • To focus on the journeys of those around me.
  • To help others grow, learn and focus.
  • Assist in finding Your Creative Focus!

Crisis Averted

Brainstorming while driving is one of my favorite ways of focusing, however, when you have a moment of brilliance and there is no cell service and zero safe places to pull off, it can be incredibly frustrating.  I was able to make a quick call to Stephan and beg him to check on the availability for domain names and thankfully, Your Creative Focus was available!  Forty-three miles later, I pulled into the parking lot of a Wendy’s in Gallup, bought the domain name, snagged the Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter account.

My identity crisis was officially OVER!

I knew who I was, what I was going to do and where I was going to focus my efforts.

Join the Virtual Tour

So, welcome to the new home for our podcast, classes, blog, social media and our new services!

On top of the new name, we do have more exciting news coming your way starting tomorrow and we will be taking the next week to get you acquainted with the flow of our new site.  Think of it as a virtual tour of our new “home”.

If you would like to join us for the tour, sign up for our mailing list.  Every morning, you will receive a new email introducing you to a new feature on the Your Creative Focus website!

You have no idea just how excited I am to be back doing what I love and as an added bonus, I get to share that love and focus with the friends I have spent the last 3 years getting to know.  Thank you so much for all of your support and friendship and I hope you will join us in the next chapter of our life.

Until next time,

Happy Stamping!