It’s Made It Happen Monday with Katy Weade co-founder of Blitsy!  Today we talk with Katy on how Blitsy came to life, how to get your products onto their site, secret of something super fabulous coming out soon and where Blitsy is going in the future!


Main Focus of Blitsy

  • Buying Guides
  • Loves to work with Brands to get their products out to the world
  • THE destination for shopping and learning

 Katy’s Favorites

Favorite Craft Hobby

Favorite Planner

Where to Find Blitsy

Want to see if you can get your products carried on Blitsy?

Email: support (at) Blitsy (dot) com

Blitsy Secrets

Oh, you’re going to have to listen for those!
Let us know what your favorite part about shopping at Blitsy is!