It is time to get MOTIVATED!  Have you ever thought you just need a kick in the shorts to get you up and moving?  Well, instead of a kick in the shorts, the fancy terminology for that is MOTIVATION and motivation comes in so many forms.  Motivation can come in the music you listen to, the unexpected company that is planning on dropping by when your house is a disaster and motivation can come in the form of something new and exciting.

It’s about energy and content.

Being inspired to try something new.

To do the unexpected.

To obtain what you thought wasn’t even possible.

You may KNOW you can do it, but hearing someone else tell you HOW is a gift in of itself.  They are sharing a piece of themselves in hopes to make your life just a wee bit easier.

That’s what we are hoping to do for you.   We are sharing the stories, the failures, successes and silliness. All in the hopes of you obtaining your dream and Your Creative Focus!

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