What Can You Expect


Suzanne’s enthusiasm and energy make her an inspiring force when it comes to speaking.  You can hear it in her voice, feel it in the air and see it in the room.  She engages the audience in such a way that they feel more like old friends than butts in seats.  Her sense of humor, tell it like it is attitude and warm personality makes her a joy to interact with.


In order to truly identify with an audience there needs to be connection, trust and credibility.  It’s about research, focus and knowing what a group needs.  Every engagement is custom designed to fit the needs of the event.  Knowing the purpose and desired outcome is key to making your event a success.


Every topic Suzanne addresses is spoken with a specific focus in mind, leaving your attendees feeling motivated, determined and focused.  Helping them to believe they can accomplish whatever they set out to do when they listen, learn, grow and focus.

Topics for Seminars Include

  • Finding Your Focus
  • How to Build the Community Your Business Needs
  • Determining Your Niche Market
  • Expanding Your Brick and Mortar Business to Online
  • Using Online Platforms to Enhance Your Brand and Grow Your Business
  • Get Your Crafting Business Ready to Sell


Quarterly Speaker for Jobing.com in Phoenix, AZ – Organizing Your Job Search