Benefits of Sponsoring a Podcast

Sponsoring is a great way to get YOUR message and company out to hundreds of thousands of listeners throughout the week.  It’s not like a commercial where the listeners can change to another station, they are engaged.  Primarily because our sponsor credits are not drab sponsored by ditties with a tag line, you are part of the conversation we are having with our audience.  You’re PART of the show, not an after thought.

  • Get YOUR message out to a new engaged audience with over 300,000 listeners
  • Be a PART of the conversation
  • It’s EVERGREEN every time someone new listens to the show they are hearing your message months after your initial sponsored show
  • It’s a promotion tool YOU can use over and over again

Sponsors Who Would Rock

Not every company out there would be a good fit for our show and I would hate to have anyone waste their time or money on something that just wasn’t “right”.  For example, our listeners are crafters, creatives, business owners within those industries, having a sponsor for hunting gear, may not be a match made in heaven. However, if you have a product or service that can offer valuable content to our creative peeps, we would love to consider having you!

  • Art and craft suppliers/products
  • Planner products
  • eCommerce services
  • Marketing ideas
  • Industry Conventions
  • Industry Organizations

Type of Sponsorships Available

We have several different sponsorship options available to help suit your business needs.  Depending on what works best for your business model.  If you have questions on which one would work best with our flow and your company, just let us know and we will work with you to create a program that will be perfect for your needs and budget.

  • Sponsor a Specific Episode – $75
    • This is great for those of you who would rather NOT be a guest on the show, but would like for us to create an episode around the product or service you offer.  The show will be more of a dialogue around the benefits of the product/service
    • Company logo and link will be included in the show notes
    • Company information will be referenced throughout the podcast
    • Company will be promoted on social media
  • Sponsor Monthly – $325
    • Information regarding your company will be announced on each show throughout the month except MIHM, Special Feature Shows
    • Link and logo will be included in our show notes
    • Link and logo will be included on our Sponsor page on our website
    • Social Media promotion throughout the month for your company/service

We also have a podcast series throughout the month where we focus on a specific topic that pertains to our industry, growing your business and learning about helpful tools and products.  The series we have planned for the coming months are:

  • June – Planner Series (FULL)
  • July – eCommerce Series (FULL)
  • August – Ways to Monetize You
  • September – Marketing and Packaging for your Brand
  • October – Open
  • November – Open
  • December – Open

If you would like to sponsor a series, please contact us with your idea or how you would like to contribute to the show.

Sponsor a Series – $450

  • Exclusive interview with you regarding your services/product
  • Giveaway option for our listeners to drive them to your site
  • Full sponsorship credits throughout the month on every podcast episode in the series (4/5 shows)
  • Social Media promotion
  • Email marketing blast to our subscribers
  • Logo and link in our show notes for every series episode

If you would like more information regarding our sponsorship opportunities, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.  We do limit sponsors per month and episode so our listeners aren’t bombarded with ads, so if you are planning out your future marketing plans, the sooner the better!